Children's Hunger Fund Food Drive

The Children’s Hunger Fund is a long-standing, Christ-centered organization that has helped children and their families by delivering food "paks."  With the food they are providing, they are also delivering the message of the hope found through Jesus Christ.

 From until September 1-15, Concordia Church and School will work as a team to collect the specific food items that are listed below. We will have boxes in the Sanctuary lobby as well as our school classrooms where you can drop off your donations.


1 cereal pouch (1 oz)
1 box of regular milk (8 oz)
1 juice box (6 oz)
1 pudding cup (3.25 oz)
1 pouch of fruit sauce (3.2 oz)
2 boxes of raisins (1 oz each)
1 chicken snack/lunch kit (3.5 oz)
3 sticks of beef jerky (.35 oz each)
2 granola bars (1.2 oz each)
2 packages of cookies (1-2 oz each)
2 packages of crackers (1 oz each)
1 package of Fig Newtons (2 oz)


Thank you for helping provide the gift of food - and hope!