Children's Hunger Fund Food Drive

The Children’s Hunger Fund is a long-standing, Christ-centered organization that has helped children and their families by delivering food "paks."  With the food they are providing, they are also delivering the message of the hope found through Jesus Christ.

When: September 20-27. The school will pack all of the donations into boxes within homerooms! 

Where: Drop off bins will be placed in the sanctuary lobby for Sundays and at each loop for drop off with the school. 

Why: Hurricane Laura just hit the Louisiana and Texas border, and we want to bring joy and hope to kids in areas that were impacted. 


Hygiene travel size items: toothbrush, toothpaste, flushable cleansing cloths, hand sanitizer, bar soap, chapstick, comb

School items: pencils, colored pencils/crayons, small notebooks, handheld pencil sharpeners

Toy items: small stuffed animal (keychain or beanie baby size), stickers

Food items: gummy snacks, raisins, Goldfish or other plain crackers (NO peanuts), juice box, beef jerky, lollipops, applesauce

All items will be packed in a shoebox-sized box.


Thank you for helping provide the gift of food, supplies, and hope!