Stuck @Home Parenting Tools

Take advantage of this extra family time to grow in your relationships and in your faith. Are you looking for practical tools for faith at home while your family is stuck at home? We've got you covered!  Click HERE for a free Stuck @Home Parenting course!

Just because we are staying home together doesn't mean our marriages are growing closer. In fact, it's a challenge to find time and space for a date night on top of everything else going on in our homes right now.  Stuck@Home Marriage Dates are fully available anytime, anywhere, from any device for easy access by couples stuck at home. Click HERE to access, and get started tonight!

How are your relationships with your family? How about your relationship with God? Concordia‘s @Home Family Ministry can help you get from where you are to where you want to be this year. 

Take advantage of this Self-Assessment Tool  to figure out how you’re doing and then see which of our free resources are right for you. It’s quick and easy and can help you make sure you’re on the right track. You can also download a printable copy by clicking here. And come see us in the @Home area in the lobby the next time you're on campus- we'd love to help you navigate all of our helpful content!


Are you praying at home?  Do you pray with your family?  Concordia's Family Ministry wants to make it simple for you to get started today.  Download our Talk with God @Home guide by clicking here.

At Concordia, we believe that faith formation starts at home.  Under the Family Ministry umbrella, we have @Home resources and Faith Path resources.  

The @Home resources are for everyone!  We provide helpful ideas and a biblical perspective for people in every stage of life and many special or difficult circumstances.  We also have seasonal materials with simple activities and conversations to help you and your family grow in your faith at home.  Click HERE to find out more.

The Faith Path resources are specifically geared toward parents of children from infancy through age 18.  We help you to incorporate important spiritual disciplines and mark milestones at just the right age and stage through our simple Faith Path steps.  There is a free kit for each step that includes easy activities and a short video for parents with advice from experts and real families just like yours.  Click HERE to get started.