Parent Promises
Commit to Raise Your Child in a God-Honoring Home

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Congratulations! If you are reading this, your family was recently blessed with a new baby. As a church, we are excited to partner with you as you begin this incredible journey with your child.

What are Parent Promises?
When we baptize at Concordia, we ask parents and sponsors to make promises.  We believe baptism is only the beginning of a child’s faith life.  It is vital that parents nurture what the Spirit gives.   During the weekend services you will be asked to make a public pledge before the congregation that you will raise your child to know, love and follow Jesus Christ.  God designed the home as the primary place for faith to be nurtured. One way that we seek to partner with you is by providing resources throughout your child’s spiritual journey. We call this the Faith Path. Parent Promises are the first step.

The Parent’s Commitment
Romans 10:17 reminds us that “faith comes by hearing.”  It is important that you model -in words and actions- your faith so that, by the Spirit’s power, your child comes to and grows in his or her own faith.   Parent Promises are your commitment to model, teach and reinforce the Christian Faith.

The Church’s Commitment
Parent Promises are also a time for the church to commit to walk alongside you as you point your child toward Christ.

Interested in Baptism?

  1. Read Pastor Zach’s blog  post on baptism- Click Here
  1. Email Doris  to schedule a baptism or to speak with a pastor about baptism
  1. Choose sponsors or Godparents, if you desire
  1. Participate in baptism during or after one of our weekend services


Celebration Ideas
Ideas for a special time include…

  • Have a dinner or celebration time with family and friends before/after the weekend service.
  • Invite family members and special family friends to write blessings to your child.  Make sure that you write one too!
  • Record a video message for your child to view in the future. Speak words of affirmation, sharing how you are praying for their spiritual journey and how you desire to point them toward Christ. Examples are available for you to watch on the video included with this kit. You can also write a letter if that works better for you.