Celebrate Your Child’s Faith in Christ

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Confirmation at Concordia:
One definition of Confirmation is: that which gives new strength or assurance; proof; convincing testimony. Here at Concordia, we strive to engage the students in healthy discussion during Confirmation classes, so that they will indeed have a "convincing testimony" of their belief at the conclusion of these classes. Confirmation is a year-long program of learning and spiritual growth which concludes in a ceremony where each student is recognized for their decision to continue following Christ. In addition, at the conclusion of the Confirmation classes, it is our intent that each confirmed member will continue to serve, grow, witness, worship, and fellowship with other believers. 

Middle School:
Confirmation is a milestone year in your child’s walk with Jesus and their life of faith. They will experience unforgettable retreats, phenomenal mentorship, engaging biblical teaching, and so much more. Over the course of the year, students will grow in understanding about what they believe, they will make friends that will last a lifetime, and they will continue to build upon the faith foundation that you as parents have already begun. This program is open to students entering grades 6-8 in the fall.

High School
We have created a Confirmation program designed for busy High School students with even busier schedules. If your child is in high school and wants to take the next step in their faith, this fall course is exactly what they need. Through eight Sunday Morning classes and two evening discussions, your student will learn about the faith in a way that engages them as teenagers.

The Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod believes the Biblical teaching that in communion we receive the true body and blood of Jesus Christ with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins. At the Confirmation Ceremony, your child will take his or her first communion.  If you are a baptized Christian who has been instructed in the Biblical teaching of communion, and if you agree with our confession of faith, please feel free to commune with us. If you have any questions, please make an appointment to talk with a pastor.

Symbols and Celebrations:
The Confirmation Ceremony is a very special time.  Consider giving your child something to signify the decision he or she has made to continue following Christ. This can be a cross, a new Bible, a Bible study or a hand written note in the front of a blank journal.  As children get older, they sometimes question their earlier faith decision.  Help your child feel secure by providing a firm foundation. Write down the date and other special memories from Confirmation class, and take photos at the ceremony.  Take time to talk about what he or she is learning. Allow your child to ask questions and talk through new areas of spiritual growth. Pray for the upcoming year in his or her journey. This will also give you great insight into where some extra help or attention is needed and how you can pray more specifically for your child.

Help your child continue to walk with Jesus:
Show your child what a Christian life looks like. Teach your child how to pray and coach him or her on how to read the Bible.  As baptism is only the beginning of a wonderful journey with God, Confirmation is also part of a lifelong process.  Now that you have helped your child take these exciting steps, you have the opportunity and responsibility to disciple him or her into a fully developing follower of Christ into adulthood.