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Philippians (Week 1) ABC Media Philippians (Week 1)

Philippians begins with encouragement to the church to live in…

Planning for the Future (Week 9) ABC Media Planning for the Future (Week 9)

As Moses enters into the twilight of his ministry, God picks…

How God Speaks (Week 8) ABC Media How God Speaks (Week 8)

When we do not listen, God can reach us in many ways – even through…

Defeating Death (Week 7) ABC Media Defeating Death (Week 7)

Once again, the Israelites are grumbling. This time, God disciplines…

ABC Media


Dr. Jeff Kloha walks through the book of Philippians.


How God deals with His people can help us learn how to relate to others.

Re-Opening Christianity

Who are we called to be as God’s people so that, as our churches re-open, more people can be welcomed?

God Only Knows

God knows all, and He has revealed what we need to know in Christ and through His Word.

Attitude Adjustment

How do we trust in God’s provision, even when our resources seem scant?

Fear Not

In a world that is full of fear, we do not have to be afraid.

Heart Conversations

We will have conversations about the darker things in our hearts, so we can confront these things, deal with them, and then replace them...

Where to Share

We can share our faith where wherever we are!


In this series, we discuss how looking at Christ can change the way we look at our lives.

Strange, but True

We take a look at some of the strange but true paradoxes in the Bible and how they can shape our faith.

Real Righteousness

Righteousness doesn't come from our good works... it comes from Jesus' work on the cross!


In this series, we explore the Christian’s call to be a giver!

Show + Tell

The apostle Paul writes to a pastor named Timothy: “Pay close attention to your life and your teaching...


Leviticus is one of those biblical books that many people prefer to skip, but it picks up on some important themes...

Love Does

We explore what God’s love looks like and discuss how we can reflect God’s love in our lives.

Memorial Day 2019

Remembering God's deeds of the past gives us hope for our futures.

God Questions

In this series, we look at some of the most fundamental spiritual questions that many people have, each of which draws us closer to what fai

Soul Keeping

What is the soul, and how we can have a healthy soul?

The Spiritually Vibrant Household

Join us as Tony Cook talks about the latest research on today’s households.

Red Letter Challenge

In this series, we will seek to hear Jesus’ words and then act on them as part of a 40-day challenge.

Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible invites all people to engage with the Bible.

Ask Anything Continued

Pastors Tucker and McIntosh answer additional faith-related questions from our Ask Anything sermon on December 30, 2018.

Christmas Light

We look at how to make Christmas light – cutting through the clutter of the season and getting back to what matters most.


We all can be overcome by temptation – sometimes over and over again. Thankfully, God’s will has the power to transform our hearts.


While we know God will heal all believers on the Last Day, there's plenty of hurt and pain in this life that still exists.


What do my receipts say about the transactions I make and the heart I have toward God and money?

Thoughts and Prayers

Every circumstance – whether it is joyful or tragic – ought to be informed and formed by prayer.


The story of the exodus foreshadows the exodus from sin, death, and the devil won for us by one who is greater than Moses – Jesus!

Learning the Hard Way

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon explains the lessons he has learned the hard way so we don’t have to!

Foolish Things Christians Believe

In this series, we look at some of the most foolish things Christians believe that, though they seem strange, are actually true!

Love Is...

We look at some of the ways we can reflect Jesus' love, using Paul's description of what love is from 1 Corinthians 13.

Conversation Starters

In this series, based on part of an upcoming book by Carl Medearis, we look at two ways from Jesus to begin a conversation about Jesus.

Year in Review

In this series, we look at some of big, recurring news themes of 2017 and ask, “What lessons can we learn for 2018?”

The _______ that Stole Christmas

We take a look at some of the most common things that can steal our joy, while also remembering that Christ can restore everything.


Can our "stuff" be put to better use? What if we stored less and gave more?

Sola: What Matters Most

We take a look at the things that matter most to our faith and should therefore be not only at the top of our minds, but deep in our hearts.

When the Waters Rise

Scripture calls us to do two simple things when we are confronted with human suffering in a broken world.


Charles Dickens begins his classic, A Tale of Two Cities, saying, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This is not only a

Memorial Day

So often, we think of heaven being a place that is far away. But the story of Jacob's encounter with a ladder that leads to heaven teaches u


In this series, we unpack the twin themes of sin and grace and discover how God has grace not only for us, but for the world.

Self-Destruct: Fighting Sin and Finding Grace

Because Jesus conquered His own destruction on a cross, sin does not have to destroy us.

Family Ties

As important as fun times and good memories may be, there are even deeper things that bring a family together and keep a family together.

Faith Path

Join us in this ABC Special as we talk about the newest initiative of our @Home family ministry, Faith Path.

i: Finding Your Identity in Christ

The message of Christianity is that our identity rests not in what we do, but in whose we are. We belong to Christ.

Christmas Past

Christmas is a time for family! Families come in from all over to be together during the holidays.

Marriage Two-Step

In this series, we look at the values of being humble and kind to make marriages, and all relationships, better.

Civics 101

This year's election is the source of a lot of stress!

Next Steps

Stewardship is a vital part of the Christian life. Because God is the owner of everything, we are called to steward that with which...

Foundations: Back to the Basics of Belief

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 3:11)

Going Through The (e)Motions

A glance at a beautiful sunrise or a gaze at a lofty mountain can inspire a sense of awe.


The love of a mother is unique. For many, the love of their mothers is steadfast, unconditional, and forgiving.

There’s No Place Like Home

Home holds a special place in many of our hearts. It’s a place we grew up. It has memories we hold sacred.

Ask Anything

Ask Anything

CTRL+ALT+DEL: Reboot Your Life

Do you ever wish you could reboot your life like you reboot your computer?

I Need a Hero! A Study of Judges

Tis the season for New Years resolutions! We resolve to do everything from lose some weight to get in shape to manage our time better...

Christmas (adj.)

“Christmas” is an interesting word. On the one hand, it can be a noun, referring to a day.

Stand. A Study of Daniel

There are lots of things in life that are tough to stand. Sometimes, it’s a food that does not agree with our palate.


GameDay: Are You Playing Or Just Watching?
Spiritual disciplines are simple practices meant to train us. They are meant to train us for godliness as we…

Threading The Needle

Far too often, we misunderstand the world, and we misunderstand so many of the people in our world. We as christians need to take the time to understand,…

ABC Special with Dr. Player

Guest Speaker Dr. David Player talks to ABC