Current Sermon Series: Re:Gift

One of the fundamental premises of Scripture is that everything we have comes from God. It is a gift from Him. Because we have been given to by God, we are called to re-gift to others what He has first given us. In this series, we explore the Christian’s call to be a giver!

There’s No Place Like Home

22 Minutes

The average sitcom is 22 minutes. In 22 minutes, parents in a sitcom family must have a problem with their kids, confront the problem, struggle through the problem, and fix the problem. Family problems in real life are not so easily fixable. How do you parent for the long haul? How do you struggle through disagreements with each other and make hard decisions on how to raise and discipline your kids? The preacher of Hebrews reminds us that raising kids takes time, and we often don’t see the fruits of our hard fought battles until “later on” (verse 11).

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