Current Sermon Series: God Only Knows

As we get back to work and things settle into “the new normal,” we face a lot of uncertainty. What businesses will survive? How long will we have to socially distance? Will our kids be able to go back to school? What will our economy look like? In this series, we talk about three things we can do when we don’t know what lies ahead, trusting that what we don’t know, God does, and He has revealed what we need to know in Christ and through His Word.

God Only Knows

Trust in God (Week 1)

Before this pandemic, we felt safe. Now, our safe havens and presumptions have given way under the unforgiving reality of a worldwide disease. And it has caused us plenty of dis-ease. The Psalmist reminds us that in changing times, God is unchanging. And in shaky times, God is rock solid. We are invited, then, to put our faith in Him.

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