Current Sermon Series: Re-Opening Christianity

Throughout this pandemic, church buildings have been closed. As things begin to re-open, the Church has a chance to ask: What have we learned? What can we do differently? In this series, we will look at the heart of who we are called to be as God’s people so that, as our churches re-open, more people can be welcomed!


Fear Not

Our headlines are full of fear. From concerns about a global pandemic in COVID-19 to financial market uncertainty to political turmoil, there is plenty of fear in our world. One of the most common commands in the Bible is to “Fear not!” In this series, we talk about the reasons why, in a world that is full of fear, we do not have to be afraid.

"I Am Stronger Than You" (Week 3) Series "I Am Stronger Than You" (Week 3)

Fear often arises because we feel as though something or someone is stronger…

"I Hear You" (Week 2) Series "I Hear You" (Week 2)

Peter utters three simple words to Jesus: “Lord, save me!” And Jesus does.…

"I Am With You" (Week 1) Series "I Am With You" (Week 1)

This past week was the Jewish festival of Purim, which is based in the…