Current Sermon Series: Election Obsession

It feels like we’re becoming more obsessed with politics and elections. And even if we don’t care about politics much, we know someone who does! And their obsession can become our frustration. In a nation that is so divided, so scared, and so angry, how can the Church be different?


Peace of Mind

One of the things the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought – among many other things – is an abundance of mental health concerns. The ongoing stresses associated with this pandemic – from the fear of contracting the virus to job losses to difficult domestic situations – have exacerbated already serious prior mental health struggles in many. In this series, we do an honest mental health checkup and discuss strategies for regaining our peace of mind.

The God Who’s Small (Week 2) Series The God Who’s Small (Week 2)

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Highs and Lows (Week 1) Series Highs and Lows (Week 1)

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