Current Sermon Series: God Only Knows

As we get back to work and things settle into “the new normal,” we face a lot of uncertainty. What businesses will survive? How long will we have to socially distance? Will our kids be able to go back to school? What will our economy look like? In this series, we talk about three things we can do when we don’t know what lies ahead, trusting that what we don’t know, God does, and He has revealed what we need to know in Christ and through His Word.


Higher Education

Every year, countless numbers of people go off to higher education. Some are fresh out of high school. Others are going back to school for the first time in years. In the first century, there was a group of folks who fashioned themselves as educated elites. They called themselves the Gnostics, a Greek word meaning “knowledge.” They believed they had the highest of education. And they also believed that everyday people could never aspire to their level of education. In Colossians, Paul confronts the Gnostics and shows us how true wisdom and learning are not just for the elites, but for everyday people who find their hope and life in Christ.

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