Prayer Ministry

We often think of prayer as being an activity, something we do. But as we recall that because God so loved the world (John 3:16), and because He did we then respond by loving Him with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30).  When Jesus teaches His disciples to pray, He does something that had never been done before and must have left the disciples speechless. He doesn’t start His prayer with “O LORD” but with “Our Father...” (Matthew 6:9) Jesus moves prayer from being an activity to a relationship! We see the full nature of this understanding of prayer when we hear Jesus address His father in the garden in a most intimate way when He prays “Abba, Father.”

Prayer is a priority at Concordia Lutheran Church and as such we provide a number of ways in which you can be engaged in prayer.

Monthly Prayer Calendar

Each month a prayer calendar is provided which has daily prayer points for all of the ministries in which Concordia is involved.  You can access the calendar at this link and then print it out for use by you and your family:

Click here to download the October Prayer Calendar. 

There are two sides to the calendar: the front side has the daily prayer points and back side has a list of all of the elders of Concordia and the ministry leaders and their responsibilities.

31-Day Prayer Card for Pastor and Leaders

Our pastors and leaders are on the front lines of the ministry at Concordia. A prayer card with 31 daily prayer points has been created just for them.  Copies are available in the Sanctuary lobby.