Stephen Ministry

A lay ministry providing distinctively Christian care through one-on-one, confidential, non-judgmental relationships for persons experiencing difficult times.

What kinds of needs does Stephen Ministry address?

• Hospitalization
• Grieving the loss of a loved one
• Loneliness
• Depression
• Separation or divorce
• Homebound
• Birth of a child
• People who are dying and families of those who are terminally ill
• Job loss or financial setbacks
• Other crisis situations

If you feel you could benefit from having a Stephen Minister, contact:
Pastor Dave McKnight 210.479.1477 x1135 or by email at

Interested in becoming a Stephen Minister? 

Stephen Ministers are lay members of Concordia who walk alongside those going through a difficult time because of issues such as divorce, death, illness, financial problems, loss of job, depression, loneliness, or any other crisis situation. The ministry offers extended emotional and spiritual support to another person in a time of need.

To become a Stephen Minister, a person must complete an application form, undergo an interview, and be approved by Concordia’s Stephen Ministry leadership before completing a 50-hour Stephen Ministry training course, which begins September 8, 2019.  Deadline for application is July 29, 2019.

If you are interested in training to become a Stephen Minister, contact: 
Pastor Dave McKnight 210.479.1477 x1135 or by email at